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Moment; {draco, ginny}

Title: Moment
Author: raspberry_rave
Fandom: Harry Potter Books
Characters: Draco, Ginny (non-romantic)
Prompt: # 3 Pain
Word Count: 219
Rating: G
Summary: After a war, what is there to be said?
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Anything you recognize doesn’t belong to me. Nor do I profit from this (except in the form of reviews!)
Author’s Notes: Inspired by "It Ends Tonight" by the All American Rejects. Not a song fic.

There were broken remains everywhere. The night was a cover for the horrors. Crumbling old structures, the ruins of fallen ideals, then the casualties. All the broken and the bleeding thrust together like fighting children. There was no energy left for hate among the desolate. There was hardly enough energy to mourn, but grief is its own force.

There were tears and frantic searches. The screaming was over but the pain remained. In the dark there was no room for vengeance. Not now, not yet anyway. There was too much to do and too much to wish undone for anyone to resurrect any semblance of violent emotion. Two dark characters emerged from the shadows and collided. In the dim light of the half moon, recognition sparked.



Cordialities were observed, politeness ignored. They stared at each other balefully, unable to dredge up any kind of disdain. Draco’s eyes were bleak; Ginny’s haunted. They stood awkwardly, reluctant to speak but with so much to say. Empty useless words hung in the dead air between them. There was a moment when their eyes met, and the unsaid was expressed. For a moment, they were boy and girl, survivors and victims. For a moment. And then they were gone, continuing on in the shadows seeking something they may already have found.
Tags: 50scenes, au: hogwarts!era, fandom: harry potter
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